Putinism and the Challenge to Russia’s Energy Dominance

Event date: 
Wed, 06/26/2013 - 10:00 to 11:30


United Kingdom

In 2008 Vladimir Putin looked close to realising his vision of turning Russia into an energy superpower. Gazprom had become the world’s third largest company and European dependence of Russian energy supplies looked set to grow. But a combination of the global financial crisis, Russia’s energy conflicts with Ukraine, shifts in EU policy and changes in the international gas market have triggered developments that are changing the dynamic of energy relations in Europe.

The creation of a single European energy market, the European Commission’s competition inquiry into Gazprom, the emerging shale gas revolution and the growth of LNG mean that a combination of widening supply options and European policy activism now pose a serious challenge to Russia’s energy dominance. European governments are actively developing alternatives to Russian gas supplies, prices and volumes of Russian exports to Europe have declined, and Gazprom has lost around two-thirds of its value.

Among the questions addressed as part of the discussion will be: To what extent are initiatives in the fields of shale gas and LNG reducing European dependence on Russian energy supplies? Has Russia underestimated the will and capacity of the EU and its member states to frame effective common energy policies? What strategies is Russia likely to adopt to respond to its weakened energy grip? Does Russia retain the capacity to delay or prevent initiatives that threaten its energy interests in countries like Ukraine and Poland? And what are the implications for Russia’s international position and the Putin model of governance?

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Sir Andrew Wood GCMG – former British Ambassador to Russia (1995-2000), former British Ambassador to Yugoslavia (1985-1989), Associate Fellow at Chatham House
  • Radu Dudau – energy security expert, Associate Professor of International Relations at the University of Bucharest and Executive Director of Romania Energy Center.
  • Sergiy Yevtushenko - head of InvestUkraine within the Ukrainian State Agency for Investment and National Projects, also heads the Coordination Council of the State Enterprise National Project ‘LNG Terminal’

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